UX/UI & Brand Designer

Transform your complex business problems into simple & beautiful design solutions

Akina Lam is a UX/UI & brand designer that has a passion in bringing simplicity and beauty into the world through her research- & process-driven designs.

Work Experience

She has 6 years of industry experience in leading and managing an end-to-end process, and designing products for well-known brands.

  • Design Lead • Design Systems
    Lendi  •  May 2021 — Present
  • Senior Product Designer
    Lendi  •  Aug 2020 — May 2021 • 10 mos
  • UX/UI & Environmental Branding Designer
    THERE  •  Nov 2019 — Aug 2020  • 10 mos
  • Experience Designer
    Westpac Group  •  Jan 2017 — Oct 2019 •
    2 yrs 10 mos
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Design Principles

the complex

Her goal is to minimise complexity in problems with research-driven and logical design decisions.

Systematic & organised

Her guilty pleasure is organising mess into systems to increase efficiency & mental clarity.

Less is 

She believes in only presenting what is relevant to reduce unnecessary cognitive load and increase focus.

Thinking through doing

She likes to be hands-on as it gets her thoughts and ideas flowing.
Design Process

Her end-to-end process enables her to have a deep understanding of the problem and seamlessly apply research insights in her design decisions.

Step 1

Plan & Understand

• Roadmap planning & prioritisation
• Business problem
• Customer needs & wants
• Customer pain-points
• Requirement workshop
• Design & technical constraints
• Definition of success

Step 2


• Brand audit
• Accessibility audit
• Existing UX audit
• Competitive Analysis
• Customer research
• Quantitative data analysis
• Insight gathering & synthesis

Step 3


• User Scenarios & Edge Cases
• Research-driven concepts
• Sketching workshop
• UX Review
• Feasibility Review
• Hi-fi designs & prototypes
• UI Review
• Design approval

Step 4


• Sprint Planning
• Backlog refinement
• Code Review
• Build Review
• Testing
• Retro

Step 5


• A/B Testing
• Change management
• Measure success
• Feedback collection
• Future improvements backlog

Akina presenting proposed concepts to the St. George Product Team
Collaborative audit of existing experience to identify existing painpoints
Conducting a sketching workshop
Testing a 1:1 prototype on a digital kiosk

She collaborates with a range of stakeholders to create products that satisfy both customer and business needs, and is technically feasible.

LUI Design System

Design System, UI Design, Accessibility

Credit History Check

User Research, UX Design, UI Design

Uber Digital Wayfinding

Accessibility, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping

Mobile Banking Refresh

UX/UI Design, User Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Everyday Banking Enhancement

UX/UI Design

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She enjoys working with Australian creatives and small local businesses on the side to establish their brand identity and strategy.

Gretel the label

Brand Identity, Illustration
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Highco Electrics

Brand Identity, Stationery design, Vehicle design
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Mr Rou & Co

Brand Identity, Print Design, Packaging Design
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Alison Michaela

Brand Identity, Font Design, Print Design
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Aaron Lam Photography

Brand Identity, Font Design, Stationery Design
Coming soon

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