To boost your productivity, choose your environment based on the type of task
The graph below shows that if we are performing a task that requires us to be creative, we should be in an environment with medium level of ambient noise. This noise level provides us with the right amount of distractions that enable us to distance ourselves from the focus and enable us to think abstractly. 
When noise level is low, we do not have enough exposure to distractions to drive creativity, hence why our ability to process information is higher than our abstract thinking. This tells us that you'll be more productive in performing information processing tasks (e.g reading and writing) in quiet spaces (e.g library).
To tell this story, ambient noise has been personified in this experimental book. Each page turn represents an increase of volume and the size of the square represents our exposure to distractions. The squares have been hand cut to allude to our interaction with the environment.
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